3 best tools used in the world of digital marketing

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3 best tools used in the world of digital marketing

11/08/2019 12:00 AM by Nancy J Yates in Tech talks

In the past decade it has been observed that every business is more or less connected with digital marketing. As we all know that in our era the use of internet has changed the game when it comes to doing business. Physical boundaries mean nothing when talking about reaching your target market.

Most of the businesses that you’ll come across these days are using different strategies to reach their niche. Since it’s a technology driven world therefore most strategies used in these times are related to the use of technology. Business organizations these days have been focusing much of their efforts on digital marketing. One such example that is very easy to understand can be taken when you surf the web or even better when you use social media you can see all sorts of ads and promotions going on. When talking about social media it is now one of the major platforms that business organizations are using to engage their audience. It’s very common to see business organizations creating and managing their business pages on different social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and these platforms have proved to be very useful in generating traffic to the businesses respective websites. Not only have these pages helped in increasing traffic to their websites but have also boosted their sales and profits. Another way of indirectly digitally marketing your business is when a business organization will create a Wikipedia page for their organization. These Wikipedia pages are not a direct way of marketing but still are one good way of boosting sales and profits for business organizations.

3 best tools used in the world of digital marketing

There are some amazing tools for digital marketing that are being used these days by many business organizations.

HubSpot Marketing: There are two versions of HubSpot Marketing one is free and the paid version goes up to 3200 $ per month for business organizations de3pending on their plans. HubSpot has various tools that can help a business organization grow and it doesn’t matter on the size of the business either. Organizations of all sizes can use this tool in expanding and growing their business.

The free version lets you use several tools for example web forms, live chat software for leads and popup forms. You can also use their email marketing campaign and use it to send through all your data to the free CRM and can also analyze website visitor’s reactions. The paid version however gives you more services and also manage your content and social media by keeping a track of everything that is happening. This tool also helps you grow you website traffic and improve your sales by converting leads.

Proof: Proof again is an excellent tool for digital marketing. It connects with your website or CRM and helps in boosting you’re your conversion rates by providing information like how many people are viewing your posts at a given time. It helps you identify your visitors and helps you study their behavior throughout their visit on your website. This helps you get insight on what is the most engaging aspect that you can probably make better and make the most out of. This is a paid digital marketing tools which starts at 24 $ per month.

Survey Anyplace: Survey Anyplace is a tool that has two versions where one is free and the other one is paid. The paid one goes up to 42 $ per month for business organizations. As the name suggests Survey Anyplace helps you to make customized survey questions according to your own business requirements and conduct surveys. You can also include images with your surveys.

Their provided surveys are very well designed, very simple to understand and are compatible even with your smart phones. These surveys are designed in such a way that most people end up completing them and the more people complete them the better the level of insight you get from your audience. 

Ahrefs: Ahrefs is one of the best and the most comprehensive SEO tool out there. This tool helps you boost website traffic. They have data gathered for over 150 million keywords in the United States alone and even more in other 150 different countries. They have a price range starting from 99 $ to 399 $.

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