Is your site Google Adsense Ready?

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Is your site Google Adsense Ready?

10/14/2019 12:00 AM by Admin in Google adsense

As we all the know that Google AdSense has changes its site approval process now. In previous process we only need an approved account and AdSense allow us to put the code on multiple websites but nowadays Google check our website manually and approve them to show ads if our site is comply with AdSense policies.

Approval of website is own decision of Google AdSense and various factors play role in it. However, I am telling some important parameters or tips which helps you to make your site according to AdSense Policies. Here I covering some essential thing which your site must have to get your site approve for AdSense Ads.  Here I am discussing about the following topics.

What I am discussing Here?

  1. Minimum Content and Content Quality
  2. Important Links or Pages your site should have
  3. Niche of your site

Lets discuss the above AdSense requirement one by one to understand what Google AdSense need form us to getting your site ready for AdSense.

1. Minimum Content and Content Quality

Minimum Content: There is no need of huge content on your pages only 350-500 words are sufficient for AdSense approval and all your pages should have minimum that much content. There is no need of huge content for post or your page like 1000 words. If all your pages have that much content it is good enough for AdSense. 

Content Quality: Content should be your own written do not copy  paste the content form other sites and if you have blog do not use guest post at the initial stage when your site is in the process of AdSense Approval because guest post are done for the backlinks and guest blogger post their articles on many site to get more backlinks. Due to this their content or blog post or article losses its uniqueness. Before writing unique content you mush try our keyword suggestion tool to write keyword rich article or content.

If your content is unique it will easily helps to approve your site for AdSense Ads.

No of Pages or Blog Post: Now the question comes our mind every time that how much old blog or website gets approval from AdSense and how many pages or blog posts should our site have to get approval. So the answer is here there is no such requirement for the age of site your own you if you have a site one day old and comply with AdSense program policies it will sure get approval. Many sites claim that site or blog should be at least 6 months old, the main idea behind this is that in that period of time site generates some traffic and if your site have some traffic then AdSense easily approve your website to serve ads. But there is no need of website age. If you want to check your site age you can try our website age checker tool.

Now the main question what should be the minimum no of pages or posts your site should have? The answer is here if you are blogger you should have minimum 10-15 unique post on your website and if you own a website the there should be minimum 5-10 pages on it. All your pages or blog post should have minimum 350 to 500 unique words. You can use word counter tool to count how may words are your post or webpage contains.

Your site must have

  1. Use your unique content.
  2. Do not copy paste content or articles from other sites.
  3. Avoid gest post at the starting for the reason I told you.
  4. Your content must have at least 350 words.

Here is some books you can use

2. Important Links or Pages your site should have

No matter you have blog or website you must have Privacy Policy and About Us pages on your blog or website.

Why you need Privacy Policy:

If you’re collecting any quite personal data from your users through your website or mobile app, you wish a Privacy Policy. A Privacy Policy is an agreement that covers the ways in which a business collects, handles and uses (or intends on using) their users’ personal info.

Privacy Policies are needed by law as a result of in grouping personal data from your guests, users, customers, and purchasers, you assume responsibility for safeguarding their privacy.

But what kind of data is protected by law and what ar your legal obligations?

Personally identifiable  data is information which will establish someone, like a government ID range, email address, number or request details.

For this reason, variety of nations round the world have privacy laws that need you to own a Privacy Policy agreement if you collect personal data from their voters.

Additionally, some third-party services – like Google Analytics – also need you to own a Privacy Policy as a result of they collect personal data through your web site after you use their services.

At minimum, your Privacy Policy agreement ought to embrace clauses that detail what personal or sensitive data you collect, however you collect it, however you propose to use that data, and whether or not you'll disclose some or all of that data to any third parties.


" If you’re collecting any kind of personal information from your users through your site or mobile app, you need a Privacy Policy. A Privacy Policy is an agreement that covers the ways a business collects, handles and uses (or intends on using) their users’ personal information.

In Privacy Policy page you must contains

  1. Personal identification information
  2. Non-personal identification information
  3. Web browser cookies
  4. How we use collected information
  5. Sharing your personal information
  6. Third party websites (Ads and Other Links On your Site)

you can check our privacy policy for better understanding.

About Us: Your site also must have About Us page which gives the exact information about your site and you. In about page clear mention for what your site or blog is what you offer or what you serve to your audience.

Contact Us: Your site must have contact us page in which either you have to mention your mail ID or contact form.

3. Niche of your site:

Here is the list of Restricted content on which AdSense will not be accepted. If you have such niche you much remove them or change your niche to get AdSense Approval.

  1. Adult content

  2. Alcohol

  3. Copyrights

  4. Gambling and games

  5. Dangerous products or services

  6. Enabling dishonest behavior

  7. Inappropriate content

For more Restricted content read Google AdSense Policies properly.

So here are some tips by using them you can approve your website or blog for serving AdSense however there are more things which matter in the AdSense approval process but there are some basic thing or tips which can be done at your end to get AdSense approval. If you have any query or doubt comment in the comment section I will try to resolve them.You can contact me for support.

The information I have shared here is concluded by author's own experience without any lability to the author. You can analyze my site the number of words I have on my each pages and you see my site is approved for AdSense.

You can also check your site worth to know how much worth  your site have according to traffic on your site.

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