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About Minify JS

This free JavaScript Minifier or JS Compressor by Small SEO Tools can help compress, obscure or minify JS online.

This JavaScript Minifier is a JavaScript minify tool that can help you minify and compress JS online. The tool works incredibly by decreasing the file size by removing all the unnecessary white spaces, lines, and indentation as well as unused characters. It can also help make your JavaScript more intricate so it will be hard to read and copy.

Advantage of Using JavaScript Minifier

There are many reasons why using this JavaScript Minifier beneficial for you; such as:

  • The download time is reduced considerably when your JavaScript code is compressed or minified.
  • The bandwidth used to run the website is decreased.
  • The file size is reduced and therefore, script carrying out time also speeds up.
  • When there are several JavaScript files that are compressed into a single file, the HTTP requests on the server are decreased which lessens the server load time as well. This can help improve the end user’s experience when visiting the website.
  • It reduces the server load and number of HTTP requests by merging the JS files into a single compressed JS file.
  • Unnecessary white spaces, lines, and characters are eliminated to reduce file size and boost the script carrying out time.
  • It is 100% free of charge.
  • If you need to upload JS files, you can enter up to 10 different files.
  • You get the results instantly. The total processing time would only take less than a minute to complete.
  • You can upload a single file of more than 10 MB in size.
  • Minified JavaScript can reduce your JS script for up to 20%.