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About Page Speed Checker

Check your web site speed with this web site Page Speed take a look at tool provided by peakoptimizer. web site speed is extremely necessary to examine as a result of might impact on the performance of your web site and user conjointly. It conjointly helps you to rank within the program as a result of google solely focuses on user satisfaction. If your web site speed isn't supported user perspective then it results dangerous impact or losing the program results.

As we have a tendency to all realize user patience level, they do not wish to attend for love or money. they require leads to a snap or a couple of seconds. that is why google page speed tool is developed for the web site house owners.

This free net speed take a look at tool is developed to assist web site house owners to grasp concerning load time of the web site and the way to enhance the performance of the web site. web site page speed checker will analyze that pages of your web site square measure quick and that square measure too slow

It is terribly reliable, easy and simple to use and no any explicit skills required to use page speed take a look at tool. Our aim is that each one web {site}} house owners and webmasters will optimize their site and rank their site within the search results. Through this, they will attract a lot of guests to their web site.

How to use it?

Fast loading speed and Quality content is that the main pillar of a productive web site. web site page speed attracts users and brings user satisfaction. There square measure several factors that have an effect on web site page speed includes:

  1.     Slideshows
  2.     Animations
  3.     High-quality pictures
  4.     high-resolution videos
  5.     External Applications etc..

To keep your guests on your web site for a lot of time you've got to examine your web site speed and conjointly the performance of your web site. to examine the page speed follow the steps:

  1.     Open page speed checker.
  2.     Enter the web site address within the given text box.
  3.     currently CLick on the Check Button.
  4.     currently it'll generate a report or page speed insights  and you'll be able to see several details of your web site like Size(Kb), Load TIme(s), d/l speed(kb/s), Average Speed(kb/s) etc..

We suggest all {the web site|the web site} house owners to use website speed checker to spot the load delay of your website and conjointly ascertain those pages that take a lot of time to load.

Why use this web site Speed take a look at tool?

We created this tool to assist all {the web site|the web site} house owners to make sure that their guests ought to have higher performance whereas browsing your website. as a result of many folks don't desire to attend and tolerance is zero for slow web site or page. you'll be able to improve your web site through google page speed take a look at tool and build it program friendly.

If your web site features a high bounce rate then it means that user don't like your web site thanks to load delay. Your web site might take a lot of time to load and browse. to scale back the bounce rate of your web site you'll be able to use page load speed checker to enhance your web site load time and performance.

You can conjointly ascertain those pages which require improvement for straightforward navigation. This take a look at can keep your guests engaged to your web site associate degreed conjointly generate financial gain for you if you've got an e-commerce or commerce merchandise or services to your customers.

There square measure many folks UN agency lose their cash and potential customers thanks to poor performance of their web site and pages. It's simply because they are doing not offer preference to check page speed and web site load delay.

How to increase Google Page Speed

Here square measure some ways in which the way to improve the Google page speed:

  1.  continuously use applicable image size as a result of giant image size reduces the load time.
  2.     Compress your giant files victimisation the free compression tools and so use it on your web site.
  3.  continuously change your hypertext markup language, CSS and javascript Codes victimisation free minifier tool
  4.     Use a Leverage Browser Caching Browser that helps to make a cache for bunch of knowledge.