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Page Authority Checker SEO Tool use the Bulk Moz DA & PA checker to determine the strength of specific pages and the likelihood for a domain to rank well in search engine results.

Introduction to Domain Authority and Page Authority

Domain Authority aka da was introduced by a well-liked SEO company known as Moz (formerly SEOMoz). Moz uses advanced algorithms to calculate the domain authority, that primarily may be a variety on a scale of zero to one hundred. the upper Domain Authority(DA) implies nice search presence. Last month itself Moz has modified their algorithms of shrewd domain authority.

Alongside with Domain Authority, Moz conjointly calculates "Page Authority", that primarily may be a rating of specific URL on your domain. each metics ar helpful whereas deciding the standard of specific domain/page. However, there are not any references regarding prosecuting officer or PA in any of the official document by Google.

Now there has been instances wherever folks needs to envision da or PA of multiple domains quickly and there's no resolution accessible out there (unless you have opted for Moz APIs). thus we tend to took matter in our own hands and designed Bulk Domain Authority Checker tool.